F BeamĀ® - Expanded Beam Connectors 

The F BeamĀ® 300 Series expanded beam connectors offers customers a 2 or 4 channel fibre optic connector, ideal for multimode and singlemode field deployable, harsh environment, applications.


- Advanced F-Beam™ Alignment Technology

- Hermaphroditic Design

- 1 to 4 Channel Options

- Designed to meet MIL83526 / MIL20/ MIL21

- Easy Clean—Easy Connect


- Excellent Optical Performance—Low IL / High RL

- Easy Connect / Easy Clean

- Inter-matable with other HMA Connectors

- Field Repairable

- Available for a variety of cable sizes and options

- Manufactured in the UK


- Tactical Military Communication Systems

- Remote Broadcasting Installations

- Remote Antenna Systems

- Oil & Gas Monitoring Systems


F Beam Junior F Beam Junior (273 KB)