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Ridgemount Technologies is a leading European designer, developer and manufacturer of specialised fibre optic connector interfaces.

Company Background  
Ridgemount Technologies was established in 2000, as a specialist fibre optic design & engineering company.

Why Ridgemount
At Ridgemount Technologies, we pride ourselves on the quality and efficiency of our products and services, and on our commitment to every customer.

Ridgemount Partners
A list of partners that Ridgemount work with.

Connectors & Components
Ridgemount Technologies manufactures a range of both standard and proprietary connector interfaces for fibre optic applications.

The RTH series fibre optic connectors have been designed as a high performance physical contact connector for harsh environments.

The Ridgemount BOMAN series offers Connectors and Breakout Manifolds of various sizes accommodating different cable constructions and different fan-out tube diameters.

The F Beam® 300 Series expanded beam connectors offers customers a 2 or 4 channel fibre optic connector, ideal for multimode and singlemode field deployable, harsh environment, applications.

Ridgemount Technologies miniature Venturi Ferrule & Connectors are designed for OEM and FTTH applications.

Custom Fibre & Cables
Ridgemount has developed a number of optical fibre, cable and breakout tube designs dedicated to specific applications.

Passive Optical Devices
Ridgemount Technologies Ltd offers a full line of Singlemode and Multimode passive optical devices that support precise characteristics in a range of compact packages for all applications of advanced fibre optic communication systems.

Fibre Optic Cable Assemblies
We manufacture a wide range of specialised fibre optic assemblies utilising a variety of connector interface and fibre types.

Equipment & Accessories
We offer a comprehensive choice of purpose designed process, test and measurement equipment and accessories.

Test Equipment
Ridgemount Technologies represent Data-Pixel in the UK and Ireland supporting their range of Interferometers and Microscopes for Concentricity and End Face Analysis.

Cleaning & Inspection
Ridgemount offers a full range of cleaning and inspection equipment for a variety of optical fibres, ferrules and lens types.

FTTH Transmission
The fRED CPE is an independant numlti-operator and multi-service Ethernet switch ideal for both business and domestic markets.

DVB Transmission
Ridgemount supports the IFOTEC DVB Series modules that enable DVB UHF channel transmission over optical fibre.

ShieldLITE Security
Our innovative ShieldLITE fibre optic security system has been developed for use in Intrusion Detection and Emergency shut down systems.

Video & RF
Ridgemount offers solutions for transmitting both digital and analogue signals over fibre optic links.

Proprietary Design
Ridgemount undertakes proprietary design work for customers ensuring a structured approach to material evaluation, product design, intellectual property and qualification.

Test & Measurement Services
Ridgemount Technologies offers a wide range of independent test and measurement services.

Education & Training
Ridgemount Technologies offers a range of introductory fibre optic training courses designed to provide key staff and management with an overview of fibre optics for communication applications.

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Communication Networks
Although fibre optic technology is now widely used in all types of Telecommunication and Broadband networks, the large variety of fibre types and interconnections used by different operators and suppliers can make it a complex task to choose the best solution in a given application.

Modern transport networks are becoming increasingly dependent on the use of fibre optic technology for effective, fast and reliable communications and traffic control systems.

The increasingly tough environmental and mechanical demands of the military sector present unique challenges to communications systems, in terms of both system design and component and equipment performance and reliability.

Photonics - Shaping Light     
The Ridgemount Photonics product range has evolved over the last 5 years as a solution to UV transmission over optical fibre.

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